SAO Episode 4

The Black Swordsman

sword art online episode 4

This 4th episode of Sword Art Online begins with Silica. She is talented beast tamer who leaves her party after a fallout with Rosalia, the leader of their group. The timing couldn’t have been better when Silica is attacked by monsters while traveling alone in the forest. It is sad to see Pina, her dragon companion, gets killed in battle trying to protect Silica. Out of nowhere, Kirito swoops in to save the day. He tells Silica about a rare item that can bring back Pina from the dead within 3 days. He offers to join her to that place at the Hill of Memories located on the 47th floor. Kirito tells Silica about the different players in the VR world. He warns her of the “orange players”, the ones who commit crimes, and the “red players” , the ones who kill other players. While they are having this conversation, Kirito notices someone evesdropping. When they arrive at the Hill of Memories, they find the rare tiem called Pneuma Flower. They are quickly surrounded by Rosalia and her hench men. Those men belongs to an orange player guild called Titan’s Hand. They are also looking for the flower. How would Kirito get out of this situation? And would Silica be able to revive her dragon familiar? Why did Kirito escorted Silica to the the Hills in the first place? Watch the full episode of  Sword Art Online episode 4 below now.