SAO Episode 3

The Red Nosed Reindeer

sword art online episode 3

This episode nearly brought me to tears and that’s saying a lot. Episode 3 of Sword Art Online starts off after Kirito saves the Moonlit Black Cats guild. Keita, their leader extends an invitation for Kirito to join which Kirito gladly accepts. Although unbeknownst to the guild, Kirito is in fact a level 40 player which is almost twice the average level of every member of Moonlit Black Cats. He likes his newfound friends> He is specially fond of Sachi who mentions to Kirito that she is afraid of death. He promises her that he’ll always protect her and that one day they’ll escape this VR. The most memorable scene happens after the guild decided to earn more money by exploring the upper level floor dungeons. Once there, they accidentally trigger a trap, locking themselves inside with powerful Mobs. What happens next??? Why is the episode called Red Nosed Reindeer? You have to watch below to find out.