Watch Sword Art Online

watch sword art online

This fantastic Sword Art Online  anime is based on light novels series. With only twelve episodes in, you’ll be hard pressed to agree with me that this is the smartest, the most charismatic anime you’ve seen since Death Note. So now that you’re all hyped up, what’s the story about?

A brand spankin’ new virtual reality MMORPG that is highly anticipated by the masses is released to the first lucky 10,000 people who log into the game. The main controller is through the advanced VR helmet. But something’s a miss and they get trapped inside this virtual platform with no way to out. It gets worse when the game players find out that if they happen to die inside the game or if something disrupts the connection from the real world, the VR helmet will fry their brains and kill them for real. The only way to get out alive is by surviving all one hundred levels and by defeating the final game boss.

Now feel free to watch sword art online here again and again. It gets better than ever. You’ll be wishing for more episodes after you finish episode 1. It’s that good!

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